What Would You Do? Roleplaying Realtor® Ethics
Royal Palm Polo Club
5400 Champion Blvd
Boca Raton
5400 Champion Blvd, Boca Raton
The best defense is a strong offense. What would you do in a ethically challenging situation? Don't wait until you're in hot water. Preparation is the key to staying out of trouble.

The REALTORS Code of Ethics is a "living document" that has been representing the REALTORS value proposition for over 100 years! But knowing the Code is a lot more challenging than one might expect with 17 Articles and over 90 Standards of Practices to learn, understand, and apply in the daily course of business.

Join your Rworld Professional Development, Professional Standards, and Grievance Committees for a deep-dive into three obscure Articles of the Code of Ethics that are commonly misunderstood by Realtors. You will also be able to ask your questions with a live Q&A segment featuring a panel of Professional Standards and Code of Ethics subject matter experts.

A strong and skilled offense is always going to be your best Defense, and we want you to train up so you can best serve your customers and support one another in the transactional world that we live in! In this workshop, we will present 3 carefully selected Case Studies associated with these Articles that specifically apply in our market and region. Within these non-descript real-life scenarios, we will outline the Fact patterns, engage in some interactive questions/polls, and then conclude with an open discussion around each of these Articles to fully cement the proper interpretation and understanding of the Right's and Wrong's detailed in the REALTORS Code of Ethics.

Hosted by Professional Development Chair Valinda Hanna-Lazarus, Professional Standards Chair Howard Klahr, and Grievance Committee Chair Gregory Dalessio.