Palm Beach County Planning, Zoning & Beyond! (Part 2)
Palm Beach County Vista Center (1st floor hearing room)
2300 Jog Road
West Palm Beach
2300 Jog Road, West Palm Beach
Hosted by the 2024 Palm Beach County Regional Board of Broward, Palm Beaches, and St. Lucie REALTORS.

Join us for a unique and comprehensive educational meeting featuring esteemed speakers Whitney Carroll, Executive Director of Palm Beach County’s Planning Zoning and Building Department.

Exploring Your County: Insights Await!

Gain valuable insights into essential topics such as Workforce Housing vs. Affordable Housing, as well as an overview of the Planning and Zoning process, examining Density and other important factors affecting the County's plans for future development.

Connect with Your Community: Realtors Unite!

Forge connections with fellow Realtors while gaining profound knowledge about your county's regulations, resources, and best practices. This event isn't just about learning; it's about fostering a stronger Realtor community in Palm Beach County, and beyond!

NOTE: The presentations will take place in the County's Vista Center Hearing Room (first floor). 

From the Planning Division: Jeff Gagnon, Deputy Director, and Senior Planners Michael Howe, Travis Goodson, and Melissa Michael
- The Comprehensive Plan: How it shapes development patterns
- Workforce Housing Program overview

From the Zoning Division: Principal Site Planners Monica Cantor and Kevin Andrews
- Unified Land Development Code (ULDC): general overview of the code
- Zoning approval processes
- Conditions of approval and the importance of monitoring 

More topics to be covered:
- PZB website: Overview including myGeonav (ie approved sites, active/approved project map
- Planner-on-call function and population data
- Zoning information: existing mechanisms to obtain site specific zoning information
- Reoccurring trends and factors to consider with developing property
- Typical Zoning issues