PSL: 2CE Issues Spotting for Quick and Painless Closings
Instructor:  Barry Scholnik
PSL - Port St Lucie Location: 582 NW University Blvd #300, Port St Lucie
582 NW University Blvd #300
Port St Lucie
582 NW University Blvd #300, Port St Lucie

A two-hour seminar involving title issues commonly encountered which create delay or cancellation of pending transactions including legal issues arising from dissolution of marriage,probate, trusts, co-operative units and entity/corporate ownership and methods to avoid closing delays. Last-minute title related issues arising just prior to closing are examined including issues relating to building permits, municipal liens, Condo/HOA association estoppel-lien-right of first refusal questions which are commonly not addressed until the eve of closing and are not matters generally covered under the title insurance policy and those that that must be cleared or listed as exceptions to coverage. Explain the benefits, uses and need for surveys to be provided to the customer and title agency, and explain the survey provisions found in the title policy along with the mechanisms to allow the agent to provide survey coverage to the customer. Finally, identify and discuss legal capacity and signing issues commonly seen including rules related to allowable uses of powers of attorney and the need to recognize capacity concerns and notify the parties where a person may not have the capacity to understand the nature and effect of the transaction to be able to execute legal documents without a valid POA, guardian or court order.

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