PBG: 2CE Real Estate Transactions in Divorce
Instructor:  Michael Lux
PBG - Palm Beach Gardens Location: 2801 PGA Blvd., Ste 220, Palm Beach Gardens
2801 PGA Blvd, Ste 220
Palm Beach Gardens
2801 PGA Blvd, Ste 220, Palm Beach Gardens
This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate legal and financial aspects involved in dividing real estate assets during divorce proceedings. This course delves into the complex dynamics of property division, focusing specifically on the treatment of real estate assets within the context of divorce settlements.

Course Objectives:
  • Division of Property: Students will gain a thorough understanding of the principles governing the division of property in divorce, with a particular emphasis on real estate assets. The course will explore various methodologies and factors considered in determining the allocation of real estate holdings between divorcing parties.
  • Community Property: Participants will examine the legal framework surrounding community property, including its application to real estate assets acquired during the marriage. Through case studies and analysis, students will grasp the implications of community property laws on real estate transactions in divorce proceedings.
  • Equitable Distribution: This segment of the course will focus on equitable distribution as a prevailing principle in property division across most states. Students will learn how equitable distribution differs from community property regimes, including the discretion afforded to courts in apportioning real estate assets based on fairness rather than strict equality.
  • Application of Principles: Through practical exercises and simulations, students will apply the principles of property division to real-world scenarios. They will develop skills in assessing the value of real estate holdings, negotiating settlements, and strategizing asset distribution to achieve optimal outcomes for divorcing clients.

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