WEBINAR: Broker Think Tank Series: Session #4 Profitability
Instructor:  Horwitz, Michael
Rworld Campus via MyRealtorDash

Broker Think Tank Series: Profitability!

Facilitated by Dr. Michael Horwitz, 2022 Palm Beach County Regional Board Member

The Rworld Broker Think Tank Series is a 5-part program that will unpack the toughest areas of practice that we have heard from brokers across the country: Profitability. This series has been designed to be very interactive and conversational with subject matter experts delivering important content. Extensive dialogue with the participants will ensure the delivery of meaning content and impactful outcomes.

Each session will be facilitated by highly experienced trainers and have a blend of theoretical topics, activities, and discussions, that will help to drive the points home and ensure that you come away with immediate action steps. The overall cohort will be comprised of firms similarly situated so that what we share will be meaningful and actionable. The course is delivered in 90-minute sessions conveniently scheduled in the mid-afternoons so that you'll be able to fully participate.

Dr. Michael Horwitz will be the lead facilitator for this series. Michael is joined by Virginia Spencer, Melissa Arno, and Andrew Levy who contributed significantly to the development of this program and will be part of the facilitation team. 


Profitability – Profit is the legitimate outcome of operating a business. Are you making one? Is it fair and reasonable? Who is on your team to help track it and then keep it. The market is shifting and knowing your numbers is key to not just surviving, but thriving, and being positioned to take advantage of opportunities that will be presented in the next few years. We are going to talk about your agent’s profitability too – and how you can help to be sure that they are set up for success too. 

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