WPB: Success Series | 3CE Goal Setting
Instructor:  Patricia Sherman
WPB - West Palm Beach Location: One Harvard Circle #102, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
One Harvard Circle #102
West Palm Beach
One Harvard Circle #102, West Palm Beach
Have you ever noticed how sometimes you just take off and succeed immediately? At other times, you seem to spin your wheels and get nowhere. With this module, you gain practical, proven ways to get off to a quick, sure start towards successful sales. As a result of participating in this module of the Success Series, you will be able to define and focus your attention and energy on top priority goals. Setting goals can help you get the most out of your life. The goal of this module is for you to develop the personal awareness and knowledge necessary for setting and attaining personal and career goals.

• List the benefits of setting goals, and the penalties for not setting them
• Describe the process for identifying priority goals
• List the elements of an effective goal
• Describe how to mentally prepare for achieving goals
• List the steps in the goal attainment process
• List the steps in the process for recognizing and overcoming barriers to reaching one’s goals

Invest in continuous learning and skilled development with the Success Series! Acquire the skills necessary to navigate any market such as negotiating, filling your pipeline, prospecting, improving your communication skills, establishing trust and rapport, bouncing back from an objection, listing presentation, and setting yourself up to succeed! Check out the full schedule on the Rworld Calendar for this 5-week in-person series with specialty CE.

In Palm Beach Gardens Wed, 6/28 from 10A-12P | 2CE Prospecting for & Qualifying Buyers
In Palm Beach Gardens Wed, 6/28 from 1P-3P | 2CE Presenting & Negotiating the Offer
In West Palm Beach Wed, 7/26 from 1P-3P | 2CE Prospecting for Listings
In West Palm Beach Thu, 8/10 from 10A-12P | 2CE Communication Skills
In West Palm Beach Thu, 8/10 from 1P-3P | 2CE Understanding People
In Boca Raton Wed, 10/11 from 10A-12P | 2CE Answering Objections
In Boca Raton Wed, 10/11 from 1P-3P | 2CE Preparation & Presentation
In West Palm Beach Tue, 11/14 from 10A-1P | 3CE Goal Setting

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