TAM: 2CE Many Faces of Fraud-What Every Real Estate Agent Should Know
Instructor:  Veronica Rhodes
TAM - Tamarac Location: 5850 Hiatus Road Unit #A, Tamarac
5850 Hiatus Road
5850 Hiatus Road, Tamarac
For real estate professionals who have seen firsthand the havoc that fiscal scams can wreak upon their clients, they know it can be financially and emotionally devastating. This course is ideal for Realtors® to understand everything they need to know about Predatory Lending, Scams on customers, and fraud.

Learning Objectives: After completing this seminar, the real estate agent will:
  • Understand the current trend and how to detect and prevent the fraudulent sale of vacant land either by a foreign seller or a US Seller.
  • Review and understand that email fraud and wire transfer fraud are still on the rise and how the real estate agent can assist in the prevention of email compromise and fraudulent incoming and outgoing wire transfers to the parties in the transaction.
  • Have a better understanding of several fraud and forgery red flags that may delay or prevent a closing of a real estate transaction.
  • Review and understand mortgage fraud trends such as straw buyers, flips, silent seconds, and short sales.

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