WPB: Learning Centered Instructor Workshop (LCIW)
Instructor:  David, Steve
Sponsored by: Eric Bruns, Gizelle Reyes with SeaBlue Credit Repair, Erin Miller with Tortuga Title, LLC, Mariane Roach with Movement Mortgage
WPB - West Palm Beach Location: One Harvard Circle #102, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
One Harvard Circle #102
West Palm Beach
One Harvard Circle #102, West Palm Beach
This workshop is recommended for anyone teaching in their local association or doing in-house training for their company, as well as teaching CE curricula for Florida Realtors & Rworld.

Instructed by Steve David

This program addresses:
- How to speak and present more effectively.
- How to facilitate classroom activities and exercises more professionally.
- When and how to interject stories, case studies, etc, for greater impact.
- How to use and NOT abuse PowerPoint and other visual aids.
- What to do, and NOT do, to increase learning.
- How to make the learning process more fun and enjoyable.
*Taking this course will start you on the road to being a Florida Realtors and Rworld Certified Instructor!

Class is Strictly LIMITED to 20 students, so register today! Registration for Members $200, includes breakfast and lunch both days.


Day 1:
  • There are two presentations, one as a Group we call the "Group Resume", and the second, an "Elevator Speech". The first day consists of:
  • Why "Learning Centered"?
  • Good Learning Objectives.
  • The Flow of a Learning-centered course.
  • 3 Different Approaches to Course Design: Show & Tell, Stair Step, and Immersive.
  • Engaging Students - 30 ways to engage.
  • A quick summary of Effective Delivery Tips.
  • Q & A Skills - 5 types of Questions.
  • Multiple ways to revisit Key Points in courses (33 Ways to Review).
  • Using PowerPoint & Other Visual Aids Effectively.
  • Recognizing GOOD vs. BAD PowerPoint.
  • Helpful graphics vs. Ugly Pictures.
  • Beyond PowerPoint - Other Visual Aids (Flip Charts/Props/Interactive Handouts/Job Aids).
DAY 2:
  • One Final Presentation for 7 minutes that is video-taped. The Second Day also includes an overview of:
  • Developing & Using Scenarios and case studies.
  • Debriefing Scenarios and Case Studies.
  • Using the Power of story - Finding & Developing Stories.
  • Instructor Etiquette.
  • Closing Effectively.
  • Classroom Management & Troubleshooting (Handling Disruptive Students).
  • The Cardinal Rule of Instruction: Never Let students leave with bad information.
  • Workshop Debrief.

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